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K2HDKC PHP Extension provides K2HDKC API for PHP. You can build your own distributed and regilient PHP application on your K2HDKC cluster.

Nested key structure

K2HDKC supports nested key data structure which means K2HDKC can store a key-value pair and a nested key-value pair. This functionality is derived from the Sub key function of K2HASH.



K2HDKC supports a FIFO(first-in-first-out) and LIFO(last-in-first-out) queue data structure which is also a K2HASH’s function. This means that K2HDKC can store a value and a key-value pair in a queue data structure.

CAS(Compare And Swap)

K2HDKC supports CAS(compare-and-swap) operations by using K2HASH and other mutex functionality. K2HDKC updates a value of a key after reading the current value of the key to check if it matches the expected one. Typical use cases of CAS operations are increment or decrement a counter, updating a mutex data item and so on.

Data Encryption

K2HDKC supports data encryption which is also a K2HASH’s function. This is the reason why K2HDKC can securely store and manage sensitive data.

Data Expiration

K2HDKC supports data expiration. K2HDKC deletes data with exhausted time-to-live. A typical use case of this function is some kind of a cache system. The K2HDKC’s data expiration functionality comes from K2HASH.

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